Whether you have a wired in or wireless CCTV camera system you can have problems getting a clear picture. The following troubleshooting solutions and suggestions may help you resolve your image problems.

The first thing you should try is to turn the power on and off a few times, often this will reset and resolve image problems.

Check that the power supply plugged in and that to have the correct voltage and wattage for your system. A camera with zoom, tilt, rotation and auto focus can use more power than the standard outlet allows so may need to be wired into its own circuit.

Test your cameras on different ports on your DVD / NVR

Swap around the input cables to see if all cameras are the same and which need adjustment

Place your CCTV cameras in different locations to see it the image improves or changes

The main reasons a CCTV camera system can have picture quality issues are

  • The lenses on your cameras are dirty

Check your camera lenses for dust, dirt or spider webs as these can cause the picture to be unclear. If necessary clean the lenses with a clean, soft cloth or brush. Do not use any harsh or abrasive cleaners as these can damage the camera’s lens, if you must use a cleaner check with the manufacturer to find an appropriate cleaner

  • Your cables are too long or not secured correctly

Examine your CCTV camera system specifications to make sure your leads are the correct match and are within the specified range

  • You have loose connectors

Check all connectors to ensure they fit correctly and are free of pests as these can interfere with the connector’s conductivity. If you are using Wi-Fi, ensure that your router is not too far away from the cameras

  • Your Varifocal zoom is unable to properly focus

Varifocal cameras need to be refocused from time to time. Check your owner manual for directions on adjusting the zoom and focus settings

  • The resolution of your cameras is too low (you have low quality cameras)

Check your camera resolution and replace with better quality cameras

  • You have a weak or unstable Wi-Fi signal

Check your Wi-Fi signals and Bluetooth if using

  • The monitor you’re using has a low image resolution

Check to make sure your monitor can support the rest of your CCTV System

  • Your CCTV camera system is mismatched

Confirm that your DVRs or NVRs are compatible with the rest of your CCTV camera system

  • Update to the latest Firmware

Check the manufacturer’s website for updates and new firmware for your CCTV Camera system and download to your system, but be very careful that you only download the correct firmware for your particular CCTV camera system

When you purchase a quality CCTV camera security system you are unlikely to have any picture quality issues, especially if you have had the system installed by a professional installer recommend by the manufacturer or supplier. If your system does develop problems, first check the lenses are clean and unobstructed. Then check the power supply, connections and leads. Check the manufactures website for updates and downloadable solutions and if you cannot resolve the issues, call your supplier as your system may still be under warranty.