Recent advances in surveillance monitoring include the development of CCTV camera systems, many with smart features allowing the owners to keep a close eye on sensitive areas using their phones or other mobile devices from any location in the world. But with any types of useful or helpful technology, CCTV camera systems have a range of pro’s and con’s some of these are:

Pro’s of CCTV Camera System

  • Advanced security monitoring

CCTV Camera system’s main purpose is to provide visual surveillance of an area. They make a video recording with a time and date so you have an accurate record of everything that transpires in that particular area. You can quickly rewind or fast forward to relevant images at any time required.

CCTV camera systems help as a crime deterrent as most people do not like being filmed when committing a crime. They are also admissible as evidence in court proceedings

  • Family or pet monitoring

CCTV cameras are a great way to keep an eye on children playing or sleeping to ensure they are safe and their needs are being taken care of. Having a camera in your entrance way can help you find those keys that always seem to get misplaced when you need them. They are also great if you have elderly or invalid family members who have special needs you want to keep an eye on in case they require your help

  • Other practical uses for your CCTV camera systems

In the workplace, they can be used to monitor production levels and highlight areas where changes are required. They can provide an accurate record of employee’s daily habits and punctuality.

They can be used to vindicate your staff in any situation that calls to their honesty or integrity when dealing with outsiders or for internal conflicts

  • Record Maintenance

CCTV Camera systems provide you with a complete record of events so it’s easy to find out when a particular item was introduced or discarded or when interesting events happened. It’s possible to have your system information organized systematically making it relatively easy to find stored information

Cons of CCTV camera systems

  • Threatening

Being monitored by a CCTV camera system can cause some people to feel threatened, uncomfortable or anxious and give rise to privacy and trust issues. Sometimes it can create controversy or even be offensive to some people

  • Vulnerability

Many CCTV camera systems are expensive and they can be tampered with, vandalized or stolen.

Criminals are always looking for ways to get around, disable or access your CCTV camera system so they cannot be detected while involved in criminal activities

Unable to Stop Crime

Although they can record events and act as a deterrent, unlike having a security guard present, they are not able to stop any actions, but they can be connected to apps that alert in the event of unusual behaviour and sound an alarm

CCTV Camera Systems are an ideal way to keep an eye on all your assets as well as being a great deterrent to prevent crime. The can be used to improve business production and traffic movements as well as keeping a friendly eye on family members. They are susceptible to attack so need to be safe guarded.