When you lose your CCTV cameras footage, there are a few things you can do to recover the data. All your data should be backed up on some form of storage device such as a cloud based data bank or removable card, USB or similar storage device.

To restore deleted pictures or video from your backup device

This works when you accidently delete data from your hard drive or DVR

  • Find your CCTV cameras backup folder on your system and open it up
  • Search for the deleted photo’s or video’s, you can speed up the search by knowing the date and time the original photos or images were recorded by your CCTV cameras
  • Once you have located the photos or video you want just copy it to your USB, hard drive or SD card

Use an online or downloadable app for recovering photos or video recordings from CCTV cameras. There are now numerous power data recovery tools available, some are free while others require you to pay a monthly subscription fee or a pay as you go system based on the amount of data you need to recover.

These types of software support and retrieval apps will work on most CCTV camera footage formats commonly used.

  • Start by downloading your chosen app and launch it on to your operating system
  • Select the options for finding the footage you wish to recover and start the scanning process
  • Once the scan has finished all the available photos and videos will be there for you to go through and select the ones you wish to recover
  • If your data is not there you may need to use the deep scan option
  • When you have selected the data you require you will need to send it to a specific location where you can safely save and store it for reference

Recovering high value lost CCTV cameras recordings

As CCTV cameras are mostly used for surveillance purposes. The recovered footage can often be used to identify suspects for the police or used in legal proceedings, so it’s very important that these recordings are recovered by a properly certified or accredited company using the best equipment available that is recognised by the court system to avoid the possibility of its authenticity being rejected.

Do it yourself methods could be considered tampering with the evidence, so leave it to the professionals

Professional data recovery companies use class 100 clean rooms and highly specialised equipment to ensure the data they recover is presented in a form of the highest quality and they do not cause any further loss or damage.

They can even with the help of electron microscopes recover an amazing amount of detail and footage from recordings that have been recorded over several times.

When you lose your CCTV cameras footage you can recover it from your backup device or download a recovery app. For important data recover, it’s best to use a professional and fully trained certified company and technicians to ensure a full and reliable recovery.