1. Wired or Wireless

The first question you should ask yourself when looking for CCTV cameras for your home is whether you required a wired or wireless solution. For a permanent security solution and constant recording a wired system would be best. Installed by an electrician a wired CCTV system is fixed and hard wired permanently, constant power from the mains electricity ensures that 24/7 comfort.

If you are looking for a more flexible system then a wireless system is for you. Freedom to place cameras where you see fit and move them when required is the main benefit to a wireless system. Run off batteries and you home internet network most wireless CCTV camera systems are motion activated to save on battery drain. You can also have your system send you an SMS if it detects something is amiss.

2. Resolution

There is no point in setting up a CCTV camera system if the picture quality is poor. You want to be able to identify an intruder if you are unlucky enough to need to. We live in an HD world now, so most CCTV cameras are HD with some being in crystal clear 4K, perfect for checking in on the kids or giving a mugshot to the police.

3. Night Vision

One thing to think about is the night vision capabilities of the CCTV cameras you install; do they have an infrared LED for night vision?

4. Power

We covered this a little in point 1 but how you are going to power the CCTV cameras is an important decision. There are a few options available.

  • Batteries – Do they take rechargeable batteries.
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Mains Power – Hard wired into your homes power supply.

Each has its benefits, and it will completely depend on how you want to use your system as to what you decide.

5. Remote Access

This is more than likely the most important feature and the one you will utilise the most. You can have complete peace of mind by logging into your camera system at any given time from any part of the planet and get real time pictures and video of your home or office.

6. Storage

What’s the point of having a great system if there is limited capacity for storage? You need to decide how you want your footage to be stored.

  • Memory Card – Limited capacity
  • Cloud – huge capacity, but those conspiracy theorists out there will be scared to have their information in the Cloud.
  • Home Server – You may have a home server with plenty of memory capacity, if you are lucky enough you may even have your own NAS (Network Attached Storage) that you can save your footage to.
  • The deciding factor I believe is what gives you easiest access to your saved footage, my choice would be the Cloud.

7. Software

CCTV camera systems have become much more user friendly of late, with most wireless systems being relatively easy to install yourself. One important facet is the software that the system uses and how easy it is to for the consumer to operate it. Make sure that you are happy with the usability of the system and that the company regularly updates the system software. You don’t want to discover that 6 months after you install your CCTV cameras that the current software isn’t supported anymore. Features to look for in your software are.

  • Can you remote control the cameras?
  • How will the system send you alerts?
  • Motion Detection capabilities?
  • Any extra costs?