Installing a high quality CCTV system is one of the best security measures you can take to safeguard your home or business simply because the majority of thieves and vandals are frightened of being caught and being punished for their actions. So a CCTV system works both as a preventative measure, a way to prevent crime in progress and as a way to gather incriminating evidence to helping to prove a person’s guilt or innocence when a crime has been committed

A CCTV system is only as good as the quality of the system you use and the way it’s installed so these top tips should be considered while installing your CCTV system:

  • Locations

Determining the vulnerable areas of your property is the first priority, front doors, rear entrances and windows are the most obvious areas, but consider skylights, attached garages with doors to the main building. If you have just moved to a new property try and research the building history to see it any break-ins have been attempted and where on the property the happened.

Don’t forget about the backyard as often the equipment there would be expensive to replace and having an obvious CCTV camera system in operation, as well as signs, will deter most opportunist thieves

  • Coverage

It’s important that your CCTV cameras are able to capture the whole area you need to view and there are no blind spots where clever criminals can hide from view. Make sure your camera’s view will not be obscured by plants or signs at different angles.

Don’t allow direct sunlight to enter the camera lenses as this will severely affect picture quality and take into consideration any lights at night. Ideally night lights should be behind the camera

Consider a CCTV system with night vision so they operate in all conditions

  • Protect your Cameras

Your cameras need to be mounted so they are hard to reach, at least 9 ft above the ground and consider using a wire cage or mounting them on the second floor

They should also be placed under the eaves where possible to keep them out of the weather

  • Motion Detectors

Using motion detectors attached to lights or to an alarm so you can check your security monitors are good ideas, especially if your CCTV system is being monitored by a security firm/

  • Indoors

It’s advantageous to have internal concealed CCTV cameras even if your exterior is covered as if they are compromised, you can often get a good full facial image of intruders without their knowledge making identification much easier

  • Battery Powered or Wired in CCTV System

There are advantages to both, wired in and battery operated systems, but you should consider which is best for your location and take into account such things as ease of changing batteries and using an emergency power supply in the event of a power failure

Do you require your images to be available on your smart phone so you can view them remotely or maybe you want them transferred to a cloud based data storage facility so you have a permanent record.

Before you select a CCTV system, it’s important you do some research on all the many options you haveand check out the different online reviews to find a system that has all the features you require. The better quality CCTV systems come with extensive warranties.