CCTV cameras are now one of the most popular home security and business security devices around the Gold Coast. When they are working well they are great, you can rest safely when away from your home or work home knowing you are not going to end up with an unpleasant surprise.

Your CCTV camera security system can be monitored by a local security firm who will notify you and the authorities if there is a disturbance or activity you need to be concerned about.

Unfortunately, there are occasions when you may experience a bit of interference so your images are not clear.

These are the most common causes of CCTV camera image interference:

  • Loose connections

Loose connections are one of the most common causes of CCTV camera interference, if you have just set up your system then go over all the connections and make sure they are plugged in correctly, they should be colour coded so it’s easier to get it right.

If your crimping connectors it’s important to be very careful not to allow any of the stranded shield wires to come into contact with the copper core.

Trouble prevention by getting things right first time, it can save a lot of time and effort later. It’s better to take your time and do a really good job at the start, and check, then double check every aspect before you move on, much better than having to come back and try to trace up faults


Having the right voltage is critical for the proper function of your CCTV cameras. Some of the models with tilt/pan/zoom functions can take a lot of power to operate. If there are a lot of devices on one circuit or you require a long power lead to reach your CCTV cameras then you could be experiencing a voltage drop. With some cameras that are wired in, they should be on their own circuit

  • Compatibility

Check that all parts of the system are compatible, if you purchased your system together from one store or supplier this should not be an issue, but often people update parts of their system and not all possible units are truly compatible. If your system or any parts in it were purchased from another country, especially Asia they may operate on a different frequency.

  • Other causes for CCTV interferences

Whether you have a wired in of a wire free system such as blue tooth they can be affected by other electrical circuits in the area. Different types of lighting pulse at different frequencies that can interfere with your CCTV Cameras. If the interference is mainly at night this could the reason. The solution is to reroute your cables so they are not affected. Heavy machinery, air conditioning compressors and refrigerators turning on and off can cause interference as well.

With wire free signals reflective surfaces such as ceiling or wall insulation that uses shiny foil can severely impact your image quality

If you are experiencing interference with your CCTV camera system and you have checked all the connections as well as made sure you have the latest updates from the manufacturer’s website then it may be the most time and cost effective option is to contact the supplier and have a technician come and troubleshoot your system