Having a CCTV camera system protecting your business, home and property is now becoming normal and most people don’t think much about it until something goes wrong. Using Bluetooth and the internet to keep an eye on things is also becoming second nature, but it’s also an opportunity for hackers to get a good idea of your place’s layout and valuables you keep inside. Many people are wisely refusing to use smart technology because of the probability that at some stage they will be hacked and their security compromised.

How Hacks Happen

As technical and advanced as new technology gets there is an element that is working just as hard to make data breaches and hacks to beat them. One example of how hackers get your passwords is through shared mass data breaches that hackers sell online. It’s a sad fact that most people think it will never happen to them as they are only small fry and not worth the effort.

Now all the large companies are spending huge amounts of money keeping their system hack proof the hackers are turning to small prey. It’s just as good to make one cent from 100 million people as it is to make a million from one person. Today’s technology allows hackers to automatically process hundreds and thousands of accounts almost instantly with just the right program. Over half of internet users have passwords that are easy to find or crack with simple programs as they are based on familiar names or objects. Many users have the same password for all their accounts so they don’t forget them, which is a huge mistake, in fact inviting hackers to invade them and clean out their accounts.

How to Protect Your CCTV Camera from Being Hacked

These hackers are not going away, in fact, they are on the increase, so that these steps:

  1. Ensure your camera’s firmware is kept up to date

On most cameras that are online have an update button in their settings menu, other camera manufacturers have an auto update to fix and new any security vulnerabilities? Check your whole CCTV camera system and ensure it’s all up to date with the latest advances and security methods.

2. Change your camera access passwords

Change your passwords regularly and always use a random code or use a random code developer app that keeps track of all your passwords or follow this guide:

  • Always choose a long, complex random code using symbols, letters, uppercase and lower case and as well as letters
  • Always exclude any personal information as hackers have instant access to all your public records
  • Do Not use common names and passwords
  • Do set up a two factor identification system for your CCTV camera system as even with your password identified there is no access without the second step
  • Ensure your phone and other devices are also protected

By using all the mentioned anti hack measures you stand a much better chance of not having your CCTV camera system hacked or compromised and can rest assured that your CCTV camera systems are monitoring your home and property keeping you safe and secure. You may also wish to hook up to a local security firm.