Having direct access to your CCTV cameras on your mobile phone is one of the best ways to monitor your property while on the move.

These are some of the ways you can connect and get access:

Connect your CCTV using Wi-Fi to your mobile phone

To connect a DVR system to your mobile phone

  1. Connect your CCCTV with the Internet

Use the DVR network settings to configure a static IP address. This bypasses your DVR’s auto connect option

To configure the router

  • Configure your router for port forwarding
  • This will allow you to have remote access using your own ID and password
  • If you do not want to configure the port protocols, then download a suitable monitor app to your mobile phone. Follow the recommended app directions to set your IP
  • Add your dedicated CCTV cameras to the app
  • Select the particular CCTV camera you wish to view
  • Apply any additional optional configurations,  you may require

Connect your NVR System CCTV cameras using a Cellular Network to your mobile phone

Although this is fairly straight forward, you should check your desired apps, features and functions to avail of any extra benefits they offer.

  1. Purchase a SIM card that is compatible
  2. Insert your new SIM card into your CCTV camera
  3. Download the monitoring app of your choice
  4. Add your CCTV security cameras to your app
  5. Select the CCTV cameras you wish to view

Connecting your CCTV cameras without using the internet to your mobile phone

Using your mobile phone connected directly to your CCTV camera, will provide only limited access while you are in range using either an Ethernet cable or Bluetooth.

  1. Connect your CCTV camera to the router using a direct Ethernet cable or Bluetooth
  2. You can now view your CCTV camera’s footage as long as you are within the range of your router

Wi-Fi Connections

You can use either a Bluetooth or Ethernet connection to connect your CCTV cameras to a central hub that you can control using a suitable app with your mobile phone from anywhere in the world giving you full and complete coverage. This can be viewed in real time as it’s happening, at your leisure some other time or stored either on tour own storage system or on the cloud.

It’s possible using the appropriate app’s to switch between cameras, change the viewing angle of mobile CCTV cameras as well as zoom in or out as required. Modern CCTV camera technology is advancing rapidly and you can now purchase CCTV cameras that have a built in capacity to give you direct access to your mobile phone. These systems are secure enough for most businesses and home protection, but are not recommended for high risk applications as they can be open to interference

You can now gain access to your CCTV cameras using the right app downloaded to your mobile phone for use with a landline or wireless internet. For those remote areas not yet serviced by an internet connection, an app is available for cellular phone. If you prefer, you can stay off the grid using a direct Ethernet cable or Bluetooth connection to your router.