The amount of time your CCTV footage lasts is directly related to the amount of storage capacity you have, the number of CCTV camera systems you use and their type.

CCTV camera systems are used to mainly for security and surveillance, the footage they capture can be viewed in real time, stored for later viewing, placed through an artificial app to detect any unusual movement of action or a mixture of all three.

The footage captured is mainly used to prevent crime, as evidence to aid in the capture of offenders or to prosecute in a court of law if you have CCTV camera systems that are capable of recording and storing high definition footage that allows for the easy identification of offenders.

Uses of a CCTV System

Areas where there is a need to lower risks of burglary, assault, fire, vandalism and petty theft commonly now have CCTV camera systems protecting them as it has been shown that many people will not commit a crime if they think they are being watched.

How long must you keep CCTV camera systems footage?

By law, there is no set time you must keep CCTV footage; it depends on the individual requirement of each establishment. Usually, once viewed unless some type of unusual activity is detected the footage has no value, so is wiped or recorded over.

Many establishments decide how long they will keep their surveillance footage based on their storage capacity. I could be 24 hours, a week, 30 or even 90 days.

Some of the variables involved in determining your CCTV camera systems footage storage times:

  • Resolution

The higher the resolution you require the shorter recording times is available

  • Compression

When you apply video compression it reduces the size of the video file so you can gain more recording time

  • Bitrate

Having a higher bitrate reduces your recording time with CCTV camera systems

  • Number of Cameras in a System

The more cameras you have in your system, the more storage space you will require

Most CCTV security camera systems automatically overwrite the footage that’s the oldest as soon as your storage capacity is reached. You can arrange for more storage on the cloud if required to satisfy your requirements.

When you are looking for a CCTV camera system you first need to decide what you are trying to achieve by installing one.

  • How much detail do you need?

If you want to be able to recognize people’s faces and read number plates or similar you need to ensure you have a camera that is capable of doing so. Many CCTV camera systems are great for deterring some criminal activity, but don’t show enough detail to be admissible in court cases.

Having a very clear security camera video is extremely important if it’s going to be used for any type of legal action where it’s needed for evidence in an investigation or court case investigation so you need to be sure what you want

When you install a CCTVV camera system anywhere, it’s important that when deciding on the amount of storage you may require, to understand that the higher the resolution detail and clarity of the images you record and capture must relate to the amount of storages you are prepared to provide.