When you’re looking for a cost effective and affordable system to improve your office security, one of the most effective ways is to install CCTV cameras. Financial institutions such as banks have been successfully using CCTV cameras for many years to help protect their facilities.

Instead of a squad of physical guards with CCTV cameras installed, you only need one person to maintain the security in your entire facility.

How CCTV Cameras and Systems Work?

The technology of CCTV systems is ideal for monitoring your office as it broadcasts its video along private channels ensuring others cannot access your private information.

CCTV cameras can be placed in the center or corners of rooms depending on your particular requirements. Their placement can affect the imagery and video they can pick up, but their very presence can act to deter any criminal activity.

Although some people don’t like the feeling of being watched, it’s vital for the overall security of everyone and everything in your office and has been shown to increase productivity and ensure employees maintain a high standard on a daily basis.

  • Customized Options

There are a variety of CCTV camera and recording/ monitoring options available to suit most office applications. You can mix and match cameras, then pair them with any monitoring or recording device to create a suitable option such as:

  • Network Cameras (IP)

These very versatile CCTV cameras can transmit their images anywhere around the world over, the Ethernet so you or your security can monitor your office from anywhere

  • Fixed Position Cameras

These rugged and very stable cameras can be used outdoors or inside. They can be mounted on telescopic arms or adjustable swivel mounts set on walls posts or ceilings

  • PTZ or Pan, Tilt Zoom Cameras

These remotely operated cameras can be moved using a joystick, from side to side, up or down and zoomed in on subjects of interest. Another option is to have them randomly programed to video a changing view or a specific program tour

  • Thermal Imaging Cameras

These are ideal for night time surveillance or low light application

  • Motion Detecting Cameras

These are sensitive to movement and reduce your recorded storage needs when there is no movement in your office

CCTV Recording Options

CCTV camera recording options range from using a video surveillance service to monitor your office to using digital video recorders or a complete video management service. All your recordings can be stored in-house or on the cloud.

It’s now crucial to have a serious security operation active in protecting both your physical and intellectual properties. CCTV cameras are very cost effective and efficient crime deterrents that can be mounted and used all around your business and offices. They need to be mounted so they are high enough not to be easily interfered with or stolen.

CCTV cameras help to maintain security because they record everything either to be monitored by security in real time, in-house or remotely They can also just be stored for reference later.

Criminals are deterred because you have a record of their actions and employees have the additional personal security protection they provide so they know their actions can be vindicated if necessary. You can capture any moment in your office from anywhere.