Over the last decade, there have been tremendous advances made in CCTV systems or closed circuit television systems, not only in the way they operate, the quality of the images they provide, but also in their ability to interface with other security and surveillance systems to give a full range of coverage.

CCTV camera systems are helpful in maintaining security in public places in three main ways:

CCTV Camera Systems as a Deterrent

The idea that big brother or some other security is watching is a good deterrent as most people don’t like the idea, they could be filmed doing an illegal or anti-social action, so tend to modify their behavior when they think a CCTV camera is monitoring them. Often this is all it takes to drastically reduce violent crime and abusive behavior, security breaches and to generally, stop people from misbehaving in public places. Many crimes can be prevented or deterred before they happen when the public is aware they are being monitored.

CCTV Cameras Systems for Forensic Evidence Gathering

The chances of catching and obtaining a court conviction for people committing a crime in public places are significantly increased with evidence from CCTV cameras. They provide undeniable proof, complete with a time and date to positively connect a suspect to a situation.

As well as being able to provide evidence of a crime they can also help prove a person’s innocence when accused of something they did not do.

CCTV in conjunction with facial recognition software makes it quicker and easier to recognise and catch offenders as well as create images and posters to circulate in public and on television to inform people about criminals.

CCTV Camera Systems as an Interdictive Device

With the increase of crime against humanity, such as terrorist attacks and mass shooting incidents, CCTV cameras and intelligent video algorithms can be used to detect unusual activity and alert security personnel to suspicious activities. This allows security personnel to anticipate security breaches and prevent them or reduce the likelihood of them occurring.

Using object recognition technology a CCTV camera system can identify objects that are out of place like weapons, abandoned briefcases, masks as well as someone acting strangely or loitering and alert security staff to investigate further.

Because of the wide dynamic range of modern CTV cameras and the technologies they use, they can resolve details in very low and very high light situations. By using different cameras and sophisticated algorithm software security can track or follow suspects and their actions while contacting the appropriate authorities to help prevent crimes and public disturbances increasing public safety.

Cloud Bases Remote Security CCTV Cameras

CCTV camera security in public places can now be managed remotely, this frees up capital and human resources helping to reshape the public as well as private surveillance and security sectors. With personnel no longer needing to physically on every site, they can be deployed so they can respond instantly as necessary to any instances that arise.

Cloud storage is unlimited, allowing for the effective long term storage of CTV camera recording that can be retrieved and viewed with time and date references allowing for complete long term records.

CCTV cameras have revolutionized the way security monitoring is done in all public and private areas. With today’s advanced, high definition, multidirectional cameras can be remotely operated or programed with artificial intelligence to identify objects, predetermined conditions or actions. They can be linked together to create a real-time view of any area from any angle, giving complete coverage and security surveillance from any location