The rate of crime is on the increase all over Australia and The Gold Coast is seeing more than its fair share of it. One of the best deterrents to stop break-ins and home invasions is having CCTV Cameras install around your property and making it clear to people your home is being watched.

When installing your own CCTV cameras at home, there are some common mistakes you can avoid by reading this article:

Purchasing the right CCTV cameras for your needs

There are many bargain CCTV cameras available, but before you buy, check all the information you can about them. One telltale sign is that shops that sell CCTV cameras will have the best system installed in their shops because they know, so carefully consider the limitations of a cheap or bargain system.

Consider if you will require wireless CCTV cameras or do you prefer them to be wired in place.

Inefficient field of view

Your CCTV cameras need to be positioned so the give a good view of the area you need to cover. Don’t have the camera positioned for aesthetes and taking in the view. Point the camera when outside so you do not cover any sky and the bottom of the picture is the ground. For inside cameras they should have the top of the picture at the top of the doorway or windows being covered. If you have a rotating camera, check the manufacturers guide for how much unobstructed viewing area the CCTV camera needs.

Consider the daytime and nighttime lighting, a CCTV camera pointed into an outside light may not give a recognizable image because of glare. Having a CCTV camera mounted away from the building and pointing back can give a better view of an area or entrance way

Ineffective placement of CCTV cameras

The normal fixed lens cameras provide a 90 degree field of view so the best place to mount the camera is high in the corner of the room so you get the widest coverage.

Take a good look around your home and consider the places that are most likely to offer a good break-in point. When you have pinpointed the most vulnerable areas such as obscured doors and windows and of course the front and back doors, also consider through the garage or upstairs windows.

Keep your CCTV cameras out of reach

If you have your CCTV cameras where they are easy to reach they can be sprayed with paint, smashed or stolen and the burglars or home invaders are safe from detection. Keep outside cameras at least 3 meters above the ground so they are safe from most people, but always have a sign alerting people to their presence as a deterrent

Consider your hard drive space

Often video surveillance recorders are set to only for motion activation to save time. Other CCTV cameras in busy areas such as front doors are better set to 24/7 and the video stored on the cloud

When purchasing a CCTV camera go for the highest quality, type and model you can afford they will come with a good warranty and last many years with little problem. Install your CCTV camera high enough so it‘s safe, but still covers the areas required