Today, almost all banks and financial institutions use IP CCTV camera systems to record all activities in and around their premises. This helps to prevent robberies and other crimes as well as providing teller and management with protection against false claims or threats.

There are a number of top quality brands available, choosing a particular brand is largely a matter of consumer preference and finding one that has all the features you require and is within your budget. The top of the line CCTV camera systems come with lengthy warranties and can be expected to provide many years of protection.

The benefits of having CCTV camera systems in banks are:

  • To deter crime, including robbery and assault

Bank security monitors the CCTV camera systems to look for any suspicious activity so they can take preventative actions to prevent crime

  • Crime investigation

High quality CCTV camera footage can help identify suspects and be used as evidence in prosecutions

  • Time and motion studies

Information gathered from surveillance cameras can help streamline bank services and identify areas where changes are required

24/7 protection

CCTV camera systems give 24 hour coverage to internal and external areas such as ATM machines and safety deposit as well as drop boxes

  • Remote access

By having all areas of banks continuously monitored by CCTV cameras, security staff levels can be substantially reduced because the system is able to be remotely monitored by security firms and police stations

  • Customer trust

CCTV Cameras help to make customers feel safer, especially if they are depositing or withdrawing money. They also build a more professional image of the bank

Considerations to take into account when choosing the best CCTV cameras for Banks

Not all bank layouts or décor is the same, but there are some features that security CCTV camera systems must have including:

  • High Resolution and high image quality to ensure all details everywhere are recorded
  • Smart Motion Detection, CCTV camera systems with apps to capture images and provide alerts of motion in restricted areas or during nonoperational hours
  • Night Vision allowing CCTV cameras to capture facial images in any type of light including nighttime
  • Large Storage Capacity, this allows for long term storage of security data without loss of quality

Optional Features

  • Panoramic coverage ensures that intruders or potential offenders have nowhere to hide
  • Vandal Proof and Waterproof, it’s important that CCTV camera systems are designed to be vandal and waterproof and are mounted and placed in areas where they cannot be tampered with

Places to Install CCTV Camera Systems

Some critical places to consider placing CCTV cameras

  • ATM’s

All ATM’s need to be protected with an adequate 24/7 camera surveillance system

  • Entrances and Exits

Thought should be given to placing cameras in areas leading up to entrances and exits where possible

  • Customer waiting areas

Experienced security staff monitoring surveillance cameras can often spot potential problems by customer’s behaviour

  • Teller Areas and Bank Lobby

This affords security to staff and customers

  • Vault or Safe

Cameras should be outside and inside the bank safe

  • Parking lots

This is often where trouble starts

A bank needs a high quality CCTV camera system to show their customers they are on top of security as well as for crime prevention and evidence gathering.