Check the manufacturer’s instructions before you do anything and then

To connect to your Mobile

Connect your CCTV camera system to your mobile can be done by down-loading the appropriate app from the manufacture of your CCTV camera to your smart phone and follow the prompts so you will have live streaming from your CCTV camera system to your mobile. This can be done using Wi-Fi or cables

To connect to your Monitor and CCTV camera without NVR/DV

  1. Use an RCA cable to connect to your DVD recorder
  2. Use another RCA cable to connect your monitor to your DVD recorder
  3. Adjust the channels to get live streaming

To connect your CCTV Cameras to your Monitor with NRV/DVR

For using a DVR security camera system you will need

  • At least one analog CCTV camera or more if required
  • Your DVR
  • Either an HDMI or VGA cable
  • Your monitor or TV
  • Power adapters
  • Power and coaxial cables
  • BNC connectors

If using PoE NVR CCTV security camera systems

  • At least one or multiple PoE security cameras
  • A PoE NVR
  • HDMI or VGA cables
  • A compatible monitor or TV
  • PoE injectors
  • Ethernet Cat 5/6 cables

If using wireless NVR CCTV security camera systems

The process is as follows

  1. Install your cameras in the required positions
  2. Connect the cameras to the NVR using the Ethernet 5/6 cables
  3. Connect your NVR to your TV or monitor using the HDMI/VGA cable
  4. Use the power adapter to power the NVR
  5. Turn on your compatible monitor, computer or TV to get live streaming or different recording options

Because the Ethernet Cat 5/6 cables contain the data transmission as well as the power supply they make it much easier to install and connect your CCTV camera systems than the analog type systems, reducing the amount of cabling required.

For the Wi-Fi set up

  • At step 4, scan the QR code that you will find on the camera and then click  the connect to Wi-Fi  button to continue
  • At step 5, you will need to click the “have heard the voice prompt” button to continue
  • At step 6, You will need to enter your Wi-FI password that allows you to enter your Wi-FI network, where you will need to press the “entered the correct information” to allow you to continue with the setup
  • At step 7 an automatic QR code is generated on your smart phone. This needs to be scanned by your camera
  • At step 8 You can designate a name for your camera or cameras and create an appropriate password
  • You are now able to get live streaming to watch or record

If you wish to use one of the home IP security CCTV camera system setups to get live screening directly to your smart phone, smart TV or any type of computer it is super easy as you do not need any wiring or cabling connections, it can all be done using the appropriate apps. This you can do yourself or your supplier at the point of sale will assist you. You can opt for live monitoring or recording to view at any suitable time from anywhere around the world.