Fortunately, today we have more steps to secure our homes than ever before. Having a CCTV camera installation is one of the best deterrents for home security

Here are five tips to help you maintain security in your home:

1- Secure Windows and Doors

Inspect every entrance way and window to check just how secure they are.

  • Check the frames are solid and hinges are protected
  • Are the doors and windows strong or easily broken
  • Have adequate locks and or dead bolts
  • Sliding doors and windows have protectors in tracks to prevent forced sliding
  • Change the locks if moving into a new place
  • Use a video door bell
  • Install glass break sensors
  • Plant prickly or thorny vegetation under ground floor windows
  • Don’t forget your garage entry points

2- Set up A Security System

Base your home security system around your CCTV camera installations. You can have a system that is equipped with professional monitoring from a security firm or keep it in-house.

CCTV camera installation

Include smartphone capabilities with your CCTV camera installation so you can monitor it no matter where in the world you are. It’s also a good idea to include carbon monoxide and smoke monitoring capabilities with your system for added protection

3- Eliminate Outside Hiding places and Light-up Your Landscape

Burglars, vandals and home intruders don’t like to be seen, so removing any possible ground cover or hiding places and lighting up your front and back areas, decks, pathways, steps and entrance ways is a good way to convince them not to come near. Make it very obvious you have a good CCTV camera installation system watching everywhere.

Good outdoor lighting also makes it much easier for you to get around at night. Your whole outdoor lighting and CCTV system can be activated by motion detectors or on timers, powered by solar power and connected to your emergency lighting system so even during a blackout you are protected

Trees and bushes should be placed so the offer little protection or hiding spots and kept well away from doors and windows.

Don’t’ leave expensive items in your yard to attract potential thieves and always put away ladders and objects that could be used to make a forced entry to your home

4- Use Home Automation

With modern technology, you can easily turn your whole home into a smart home that can be controlled from your smartphone whether you’re at home or not.

With an automated home, you can get an instant feed through your CCTV camera installations of anyone entering your property at any time as well as monitor every room and see what’s happening everywhere. Any suspicious activity will cause alerts to be sent directly to you or your security for an instant response

5- Lock Down Your Wi-Fi

Ensure your home wireless network is safe from hacking or any savvy operator could easily infiltrate your system and find out all your personal information as well as financial data

Use your CCTV camera installation as a base for your entire home security system by tying it into your emergency lighting and solar it will operate independently 24/7 keeping you safe. Couple it with a full smart home system so you are in control from anywhere and add a security service.